Chris Beilby (
Tue, 06 Jun 2000 08:02:08 GMT

<<The really interesting thing is the owner said the kits and action
figures sell out in 24 -72 hrs. So it seems at least in my area there
is interest in kits and action figures of Gundam that aren't Wing. The
down side or me is the prices range from $16-$25 dollars and imho that's
highway robbery. >>

Actually, Jason, that's not. That price covers:
A: Conversion of the price in Yen to Dollars
B: Import tariffs and duties
C: A slight markup on wholesale so that the wholesaler can make his profit,
D: The dealer's markup (proportionally higher for the high demand) so the
store makes a profit...

$16 to $ 25 is about average for imported kits, with the exception of the
MGs (30+ dollars) and PGs (90 dollars or more...)
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