Chris Beilby (
Tue, 06 Jun 2000 07:39:10 GMT

<<This is why we shouldn't discuss fansubs on GML! All it does is bring up
dozens of
posts on legalities, moralities, etc.

I don't care whether fansubs violate copyright laws or are illegal...I just
want fansub related topics flooding my e-mail server!!!

I'm not angry. Really.

Joaquin Torres >>

Exactly, Joaquin. Guys, if you're going to spend all your time bashing
people on this list who simply are trying to make people aware of one of the
rules of the list and why it exists, then you need to get a flipping life!
I posted this because the rules say that you don't discuss distribution of
the fansubs on the list. End of story. I posted a FAQ question for the same
reason. End of story! GET OVER IT.

By the way, do you guys think that the creative staff of Gundam should be
paid for their work? If so, then realize that for every fansub out there,
that is that much less money that gets to the creators... You are taking
the money out of their pockets by distributing fansubs. THAT IS WHY THE LAW
EXISTS! It's not for any totalitarian reason. It's just to make sure that
people get proper credit for their work. Tomino-sama, as the ultimate
creator, gets a royalty on every single Gundam video that is
released....except for Fansubs...

Don't get me wrong. I have my own collection of fansubs... BUT I DON'T
DISCUSS DISTRIBUTING THEM ON LIST! The day that Legend of Galactic Heros is
released in the US is the day that my LOGH fansubs get erased...

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