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Tue, 6 Jun 2000 21:34:39 GMT

>> I don't have time to take on something like this, but maybe someone else

>> might be up for it. Any volunteers for Secretary of Gundam? :-)
>hmmm... I wouldn't mind volunteering for this. Particularly since I've done

>most of my research on Gundam at the world wide web.
>Count me in then. BTW, I like Mark's idea for creating a seperate site for

>this (like a super Would be interesting to have a huge
>multi-linking site to the rest of the Gundam sites. :)
>Call me Secretary of Gundam then... :P
>If you guys don't mind - I'll design and update the website by myself or
>with some other peeps who are interested. I need to make stuff for a
>portfolio - so this may be an interesting opportunity.
>I need help in putting up a search engine for the site if need be... I dunno

>much about cgi-bins and such... -_-;

Hrf. Since Fed and I live technically close to each other, I am throwing my
hat in as well <grins>. Count me in as assistant to the secretary! lol!

>other qs I'd like to add...
>mainly beginner questions:
>what is anime?
>What is/are mecha?
>What is yaoi/shounen ai and why do people hate it?
>Who is (character here/mecha designer here)?
>What are the MS Girls?
>I'll be mounting up the site soon - if anyone has any ideas on how to design

>it - let me know... :)

We should also put a short history of mecha or something to that effect.

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