garrick lee (
Mon, 5 Jun 2000 22:11:21 -0700 (PDT)

> I dunno the Dragonar wings are OK, but the head
> shaped like a flight helmet has
> got to go. I like the Tallgeese approach better: put
> as many verniers as humanly
> posible on an oversized MS and see what happens.

heh. i love the tallgeese on paper and animated
cel...but i totally hate it in the flesh, er, plastic
kit. all the design flaws just come out blazing.
those boosters are mounted very flimsily on the
shoulder armour (makes me wonder why the boosters
don't just blast off on their own and leave the
tallgeese those gravity pods in the
sdf-1 :P). the boosters can't open fully, and they
restrict the movement of the entire arm from shoulder
down (now how are zechs and treize supposed to fight
with their beam sabers?). the dober gun and mega beam
cannon must have some mighty indestructible hardpoint
to be mounted just like that. i also hate the way that
you have to bend out the tallgeese's arm to hold the
dober gun/cannon. it's so frigging awkward.



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