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Mon, 5 Jun 2000 21:08:45 -0700

> Aaack! He's trashing my precious Zaku!
> To me the Zaku has allways represented the ultimate in 'grunt' mecha. The
> dark green paint scheme, the menacing look of the monoeye, all combine to
> create an air of brawny menace. However, I find it neither gaudy nor
> villainous. The GM may look like a walking fighter plane, but the Zaku
> looks like a walking tank. For comparisom, the only thing that comes
> is the tribarrel armed military labor from Patlabor 2.

I dunno, I thought when Bernie was pilotting it in 0080, he looked pretty
damn heroic in it!!!! I never saw it as a 'grunt' mecha as much as those
"soldier" mecha (The type that just shows up to get destroyed like GMs).
However, after Z, it was clear that they had Zaku's that were stronger than
that too.

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