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 Doesn't suprise me, Heavy gear is soooo blatantly VOTOMS anyway. (with a
little Dougram)

---Brett Jensen

Jim Dulhunty wrote:

> [snip]
> >Yeah, just look at the cover of Mekton 2! That picture is also very very
> >similar to
> >the Zeta gundam cover of Animag (AKA Gundammag) #1 I believe it had the
> >same artist.
> >
> >---Brett Jensen
> >From memory Ben Dunn, of Ninja High School infamy, did the characters on
> the front cover, but the oh so Gundam Rapier Mk.I in the background was by
> someone else, whom I can't remeber. Can't go look it up either, since I'm
> at Uni avoiding writting essays.
> But back to RPGs showing tribute to anime shows in their cover art, imho,
> is the 2nd edition of the Heavy Gear Tech Manual, which is a dead ringer
> for one of the Votoms promo shots.
> Jim
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