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Edward Ju wrote:

> >While Wing is a little more Sappy (sorry Wingers I can't find a better word
> ^^^^^^
> LOL... best pun I've heard in a long time!

I resent that comparison. ^_^ We are Known as Wing Nuts, thank you very much!

> Oh yeah... am I the only one that thinks the duel between Zechs in his
> Tallgeese and Heero in the borrowed Heavyarms was total B.S.? You see
> beam sabers *bouncing* off mobile suit armor as if the beam was a solid
> stick... Dr. Minovsky must be rolling in his grave. ;)

Minovsky physics don't exist in wing. Indestructable Gundanium is BS but it's no
more BS than I-fields or Minovscy craft. this stuff is all made up. Also who knows
how powerful beam weapons are supposed to be in wing.

Looks how little damage Cima did to the Lunar titanium armor of the Gp-01 in
0083...She was using a beam machine gun for god's sake!

---Brett Jensen

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