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Mon, 05 Jun 2000 08:43:07 -0700

Blackeagle wrote:

> On the other hand, the GW submersable mobile suits are rather interesting.
> They represent a different take on the issue than the Zeon amphibious MS.

The Marine MS in Gundam X are even cooler. they are basically retcons of the GW

> have to say that I absolutely LOVE the Aires. I hate Bandai for only
> releasing an expensive resin kit. We finally seen a good rendition of an
> air combat mobile suit (no hover platforms or transformation BS here!) and
> the model makers totally ignore it!

I dunno the Dragonar wings are OK, but the head shaped like a flight helmet has
got to go. I like the Tallgeese approach better: put as many verniers as humanly
posible on an oversized MS and see what happens.

---Brett Jensen

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