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Alastair Warren wrote:

> I'd disagree. I'd say the Gundams in all their incarnations are far
> more super-robotish. To me, the early Zeon suits always looked more
> utilitarian and functional than even mecha like the GM. Spikes on the
> shoulders may be a little elaborate, but close combat is what MS are
> built for. Dropping the shoulder is a valid manouver ;-)

Yeah, me too. And nobody does hand to hand in an MS like Char!

> This isn't a rant against Wing, though to be honest, I haven't liked
> what little I've seen story or mecha wise. It was just a comment that
> the two grunt suits the first 5 eps seem to feature, the Leo and the
> Airies (?) don't really appeal to me. Some of the other designs look
> alright, but I've only seen them in pix off the net.

I like the Leo, although I sure wouldn't want to pilot one. I've always
believed LEO = Large Exploding Object! ^_^

IMO the Talgeese is one of the coolest "one of a kind" units in all of
Gundam. It is both very dramatic and realistic looking.

---Brett Jensen

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