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> > During the "conventional" period, where was AE based? 0083 kind of
> > suggested it had a strong lunar leanage (I think... I am never
> sure about
> > anything in 0083 :P
> I'd assume it was always a lunar company... after all, Zeonic never had
> any Von Braun facilities.

Speaking of which, where is Anaheim Electronic based at? During Zeta, for
the most part AEUG got their supplies from Granada in the Farside. Granada
is very much a AEUG supporter citystate. If not for Operation Apollo, AE
presense at Von Braun is minimum.

In Char's Counterattack, Amuro headed into Von Braun to collect Nu Gundam,
where it is shown that they have a large MS manuefactoring facility.

In 0083, Anaheim seemed to be based at Von Braun, witness all 4 of the GP
project or derivitive MS came from Von Braun.

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