Jim Dulhunty (s3159706@student.anu.edu.au)
Tue, 6 Jun 2000 13:02:28 -0800

>>...though Big Mecha, Cool Starships looks like it might be worthwhile...
>Who publishes that? (same as Big Eyes, Small Mouths? Still don't know
>who publishes it...) I'll have to take a look at it myself (great,
>aNOther mecha game co cannibalize...).
> Trevor in Irvine

Yep. Guardians of Order publish both. I don't have them, been poor
student scum under the heel of a Liberal government (sorry 'bout the
politics), but a friend does, and it look like a good system for recreating
most anime. So far they have also released licensed Sailor Moon and
Dominion: Tank Police supplements.

As for how well it'd fit Gundam. Not so sure. Mecha would be fine, but
the ting that catches with most systems is how to do Newtypes.


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