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>If that is true isn't the library of Congress the biggest media pirate in the
>world. Laws like that are just not practical. It may be illeagal but hardly
>unethical. most fansub distribution is probably unethical though. It's also
>illeagal to tape stuff off of TV but EVERYBODY does it.
>If it weren't for illeagal tape distribution, we would still be at the
mercy of
>the Sandy Franks and Carl maceks of the world! Here come the Robotron
>defenders!!!!!!! It's bad enough that the magazine you write for only reviews
>dubs. ^_^
>---Brett Jensen

undoubtedly that is true, but it also brings up the question: What about
rights of the creators/distributors? I know that it takes too damn long
for an official copy to sometimes make it to the market -- or never, but
there is always that nagging thing about rights. we may have the right to
ask for a translation, but that means they also have the right to refuse or
not act on it...damn! I agree with joaquin, let's get out of this argument!

I am NOT a starving writer.

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