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>must be you. :P
>they look fine to me, taking after gm's as they seem
>to do. they look much better than the zaku -- which
>looks to me as a holdout from the super robot era in
>gundam's transition from super robot to military bot
>era. certainly much better than the zeong.
>looking very generic is part of the appeal of the
>grunt mecha of g wing. the spikes and monoeyes of
>zeon mechs (particularly the zakus) give it a
>decidedly villainous (and extremely gaudy)
>appearance...and in a show that prides itself for
>grayscale protagonists/antagonists, it's very
>contradictory. the gm's are a more handsome breed of
>mecha (opinion, of course :).

Aaack! He's trashing my precious Zaku!

To me the Zaku has allways represented the ultimate in 'grunt' mecha. The
dark green paint scheme, the menacing look of the monoeye, all combine to
create an air of brawny menace. However, I find it neither gaudy nor
villainous. The GM may look like a walking fighter plane, but the Zaku
looks like a walking tank. For comparisom, the only thing that comes close
is the tribarrel armed military labor from Patlabor 2.

Of course, I must admit that the shoulder spikes are a bit much. The L
shaped shield armor on the other shoulder is much more effective. Protects
the vunerable arm without obstructing it's movement.

<Chris stops, goes over to his MG Zaku and pulls off the shoulder spikes and
shield. He notes that the attachment point on each arm is identical>

Maybe I'll have to get another MG Zaku and see what putting shields on both
shoulders looks like.

>but since i'm a junkie for macross mecha styling (or
>anything kawamori, i suppose), the almost primitive
>0079 "classic" look doesn't have a sentimental hold on

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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