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>stoopid kwistchin #2. what's mekton z got to do with
>gundam, if anything?

Like Battletech, Mekton swiped mecha designs from a number of anime. My
Mekton Z (and all of my other anime references) are still boxed up, but I
can still remember three items from Mekton II, because they were the first
"riffs" that I ever spotted. The Mekton II "Vector Mark-II" Mek is based
on the Z-GUNDAM RX-178 "GUNDAM Mark-II" Mobile Suit. (There's your Gundam
connection right there) The Mekton II 351-B "Verkan Panther-Cat" BeastMek
is based on the Go-Lion "Robo-Lion #4" (Voltron "Blue Lion"). The Mekton
II A-1300 "Viper" AeroMek is based on the Orguss Emaan "M. Rover" Battloid.


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