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>>Turn A Gundam breaks with conventionality in that the OP/ED themes are only
>>available as individual CD singles (CD-S) and are not included on the three
>>OST albums, which are exclusively BGM and image songs by Yoko Kanno.
>Dianna & Kihel (Turn-A OST CD 2) track 1: Turn A Turn (opening version).
>Track 23 of the same CD: Aura (accoustic version) (sic)

Ah, so they were. Somehow they failed to register, maybe because they were
the short versions. Will we get extended versions on the third CD, Cocoa?

Did anyone ever translate the titles identify the vocalist on Tracks 10, 11
& 19?

>> > Is it a
>> >tradition to change theme songs in the gundam anime series?
>>Yes, it's a tradition, but it's not exclusive to Gundam.
>What about the original series?

That's right, they didn't change the OP/ED on it, did they?

Maybe the seasonal OP/ED change started in the 80s, because it seems to be
in force on every other series I've collected, all of which date from 1984 on.


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