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<< Yeah but Robotech was like 15 years ago (Damn that makes me feel not quite
 young...) when it showed up on american tv. I personally like the zeta I've
 seen LOADS more than the wing I've seen... But... Would kids agree with me?
 ... No, I don't think so. Wing really was the logical choice to put on the
 air, from a business perspective. 5 superhero type mechas, 5 cute little
 characters, etc.. I wish we had seen Zeta tho... Now THAT would be enough
 to make me break down and buy cable again (Kicked the habit a few years ago)

I still have to see Zeta, though i dont have many doubts over its superiority
over g-wing. Last i saw was 0083 and i loved it (well, im not done with it
yet...about 2 tapes left or so..)


"The first principle of the Shinsengumi is that it is unworthy to deviate
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--Saitou Hajime

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