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garrick lee wrote:

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> >
> > Is it just me or do the grunt suits out of Wing
> > look pretty crappy? They
> > just look to me very generic. Very undistinctive.
> > I think the series really
> > needed a Zaku, or even a Dortress (SP?) out of X to
> > spice up the very bland
> > look of the Oz suits. I've only seen the above too,
> > so maybe they get better.
> >
> must be you. :P
> they look fine to me, taking after gm's as they seem
> to do. they look much better than the zaku -- which
> looks to me as a holdout from the super robot era in
> gundam's transition from super robot to military bot
> era. certainly much better than the zeong.

> looking very generic is part of the appeal of the
> grunt mecha of g wing. the spikes and monoeyes of
> zeon mechs (particularly the zakus) give it a
> decidedly villainous (and extremely gaudy)
> appearance...and in a show that prides itself for
> grayscale protagonists/antagonists, it's very
> contradictory.

    I'd disagree. I'd say the Gundams in all their incarnations are far
more super-robotish. To me, the early Zeon suits always looked more
utilitarian and functional than even mecha like the GM. Spikes on the
shoulders may be a little elaborate, but close combat is what MS are
built for. Dropping the shoulder is a valid manouver ;-)

    The Zaku khaki is not what I'd call gaudy, and I'd hardly call the
Gundam's red white and blue with fully articulated face military
"grayscale". The original Zeon MS and Zeta suits look more sophisticated
and streamlined than the Gundam's which retain all these purely aesthetic
and rairly redundant design features.

    This isn't a rant against Wing, though to be honest, I haven't liked
what little I've seen story or mecha wise. It was just a comment that
the two grunt suits the first 5 eps seem to feature, the Leo and the
Airies (?) don't really appeal to me. Some of the other designs look
alright, but I've only seen them in pix off the net.

Anyway, have fun


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