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>> I can tell you that I have seen only 5 episodes of Wing and the 3 Endless
>> Waltz episodes and to my eyes, I still like the look of Zeta much more
>> Wing. I'm sure future episodes of Wing will have much better production
>> values but for now Zeta is still on tops for me. Flashy super robot types
>> are good for the younger kids I'm sure, but I remember Robotech doing well
>> and that show had the same type of military scheme to the show.
>Yeah but Robotech was like 15 years ago (Damn that makes me feel not quite as
>young...) when it showed up on american tv. I personally like the zeta I've
>seen LOADS more than the wing I've seen... But... Would kids agree with me?
>... No, I don't think so. Wing really was the logical choice to put on the
>air, from a business perspective. 5 superhero type mechas, 5 cute little boy
>characters, etc.. I wish we had seen Zeta tho... Now THAT would be enough
>to make me break down and buy cable again (Kicked the habit a few years ago)

I just like to say I agree totally, since Zeta wasn't made to be aimed at
children (so I'd like to think) with so much death and revenge and stuff.
While Wing is a little more Sappy (sorry Wingers I can't find a better word
to describe it), meaning its more superhero-ish and where the hero's MS's
becomes a billion times stronger until its scheduled time to blow up and get a
new one. The characters are made to look all good (even if made
Mis-Understood). And the Storyline well, you guys Know what I'm about to say
anyways . But altogether, its not THAT bad considering it does have so many
fans. I'd just like to say, Give me Zeta anyday :P

- Roger



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