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--- Alastair Warren <> wrote:
> "Enriquez, Eric" wrote:
> > Well......
> >
> > I can tell you that I have seen only 5 episodes of
> Wing and the 3 Endless
> > Waltz episodes and to my eyes, I still like the
> look of Zeta much more than
> > Wing.
> Is it just me or do the grunt suits out of Wing
> look pretty crappy? They
> just look to me very generic. Very undistinctive.
> I think the series really
> needed a Zaku, or even a Dortress (SP?) out of X to
> spice up the very bland
> look of the Oz suits. I've only seen the above too,
> so maybe they get better.

must be you. :P

they look fine to me, taking after gm's as they seem
to do. they look much better than the zaku -- which
looks to me as a holdout from the super robot era in
gundam's transition from super robot to military bot
era. certainly much better than the zeong.

looking very generic is part of the appeal of the
grunt mecha of g wing. the spikes and monoeyes of
zeon mechs (particularly the zakus) give it a
decidedly villainous (and extremely gaudy)
appearance...and in a show that prides itself for
grayscale protagonists/antagonists, it's very
contradictory. the gm's are a more handsome breed of
mecha (opinion, of course :).

but since i'm a junkie for macross mecha styling (or
anything kawamori, i suppose), the almost primitive
0079 "classic" look doesn't have a sentimental hold on


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