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So that's why the GP02 looks like a Dom!
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> Core writes,
> > Very interesting... Especially the "fading" of Zimmard after OYW. You
> > guys have any comments on the founding of Anaheim Electronics? From
> > I heard, the Official Words have been sketchy on this point. Perhaps we
> > can create a sensible backstory of AE that
> >
> > 1. explain the fading of both Zionic Co. and Zimmard after OYW.
> >
> > 2. explain the human and technical resources that AE acquired in a short
> > time.
> >
> > 3. explain the political ambiguity of AE in 0083 and Zeta. (presumably
> > the Feds/Titans set out to control AE but failed.)
> Actually pretty easy. Despite a couple of false leads (e.g.
> Bible 1's insistence that Anaheim developed the Zaku!), the history of the
> company is pretty well documented.
> Basically, Anaheim Electronics was a conventional manufacturing company
> through the end of the One Year War. After the war, the company decided it
> wanted to move into mobile suit production as well, and snapped up several
> wartime manufacturers. Not only did AE absorb Zeonic (thus gaining
> experienced staff, plus Zeonic's factories), but the company also bought
> Hervic, the company that developed the Federation's Core Fighter series
> (which included the TIN Cod and Saberfish).
> Thus, by 0081, AE had merged and purchased its way into being the
> MS and fighter developer. The Gundam Development Project was its big
> a chance to strut its stuff and show what all those former Zeonic and
> folks were capable of.
> Since many of AE's MS developers are Zeonic veterans, their work tends
> show a distinct Zeon influence. While the GP01 and GP03 are more in the
> Federation vein (including a Hervic-brand core fighter), the GP02A and the
> canceled GP04 were created by Zeon veterans, as was Z Gundam's Rick Dias
> Hizack.
> At some point I should put together a listing of these companies for the
> Gundam Project, but in the meantime, Gundam Millenium has a handy list:
> <>.
> -- Mark
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