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Yeah, they will be playing the OAV.(CN ordered the OAV and both TV series)
Tenchi In Tokyo really is not that good, and even though I'm a big fan of
the OAVs, first TV series and movies, I stopped buying Tenchi In
just was a little too bizzare. However it apparentally gets better as it
goes on. I suppose I'll watch the rest when it comes to Toonami.
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> << Apparentally Toonami will be expanding it's schedule July 3rd to
> hour to accompany Tenchi Muyo(A very good OAV and Tv series, although the
> second TV series is'nt that good). There is also a possibility, I think,
> during the premiere of this expansion, Endless Waltz will air, since when
> Toonami debuted the Rising sun, they used it to show off their new DBZ
> episodes. I think it's a very good possibility, although we'll have to
> for any word of this.
> Also, did anyone see the Tenchi commercial and give a summary of it, or
> even a movie file? >>
> I saw the commercial looks good. They might also show the OAV, i thought I
> saw some clips I recognized. Hope they show the three movies, I've seen
> first and third... (Unfortunatly, Ryoko's warcry of "You Bitch!" might be
> edited. Oh well) I heard Tenchi In Tokyo wasn't that good.
> Side note: In Japanese, Muyo means "No need For" That's also what it says
> the sides of the manga books. I've seen them, but haven't bought any.
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