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> I can tell you that I have seen only 5 episodes of Wing and the 3 Endless
> Waltz episodes and to my eyes, I still like the look of Zeta much more than
> Wing. I'm sure future episodes of Wing will have much better production
> values but for now Zeta is still on tops for me. Flashy super robot types
> are good for the younger kids I'm sure, but I remember Robotech doing well
> and that show had the same type of military scheme to the show.

Yeah but Robotech was like 15 years ago (Damn that makes me feel not quite as
young...) when it showed up on american tv. I personally like the zeta I've
seen LOADS more than the wing I've seen... But... Would kids agree with me?
... No, I don't think so. Wing really was the logical choice to put on the
air, from a business perspective. 5 superhero type mechas, 5 cute little boy
characters, etc.. I wish we had seen Zeta tho... Now THAT would be enough
to make me break down and buy cable again (Kicked the habit a few years ago)

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