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Tue, 6 Jun 2000 10:00:35 -0700

>>stoopid kwistchin #2. what's mekton z got to do with
>>gundam, if anything?
>A japanese RPG Designer named Tsuneo Tatsuno who used to be on this list
>used Mekton Zeta, which is the best Anime Mecha RPG available (IMHO), as the
>basis for his Mobile Suit Gundam RPG, which was published last year...
>It's also the game system I use on the MUSH...

Gundam has been a pretty big inspiration for the Mekton Z crew since the
first edition in the deep dark of the early Eighties. You just have to
look at some of their mecha to see that, and calling their third edition
'Zeta'. I'd argue that it is the best system for anime mecha stuff.
Really depends on which anime you're trying to emulate. For Gundam, I'm
spilt between Mekton Z and Silhouette (Heavy Gear/Jovian Chronicles),
though Big Mecha, Cool Starships looks like it might be worthwhile once I
have time to have a look.

On that note, I have a disorganised bunch of stats for Gundam mecha in
Mekton and Silhouette on my site, <a
</a>. The Mekton stats have a similar starting point to the ones Neil
Baumgartner has done up, but I think they're different enough not to be
stepping on toes ;) Any criticisms would be welcome.


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