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Mon, 05 Jun 2000 16:23:06 -0700

Federico Makabenta writes,

> I think tons of questions could be answered by just giving peeps the URLs to
> several pages like Mark's gundamproject.
> Z's High Frontier could act for any initial qs on the colonies. Burke's
> mechadomain for the q - "Who designed this?"

  Certainly true; in fact, I was planning to retool my old Gundam FAQ into a
shorter document with links to more complete discussions in various parts of
my site. (E.g., instead of a detailed "what are Minovsky particles?" item,
there'd be a one- or two-sentence answer and a link to the Minovsky Physics

  But an uber-FAQ that links out to several "expert" sites might be an even
better idea. You'd go to (for example), browse through the
questions, and follow a link to a detailed discussion if you're deeply
curious. (It could also link to the Gundam Mailing List archive and to some
of the best Gundam Wing sites as well.)

  I don't have time to take on something like this, but maybe someone else
might be up for it. Any volunteers for Secretary of Gundam? :-)

-- Mark

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