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Peter Savin wrote:
> Fed wrote:
> >I'm wondering now what questions can be covered under modeling with this
> >FAQ - apart from "Where do I find so and so kit?"
> I can think of a few obvious ones, like "how do I fill panel lines" or "how
> do I paint monoeyes", stuff like that. Of course, then it turns into a
> modeling how-to dealie. :)

Modelling is an integral part of Gundam experience, and there are a lot of
Gunpla specific FAQs out there. So modelling questions should be at least
acknowledged. I think we should start by including modelling questions,
both Gunpla specific ones and general ones (like panel lines). When the
document get big we can split it into two sister FAQs.

I see lots of talks but very few questions and answers being contributed.
Just add them to the list I started this morning.

Come on, lurkers and newbies, now is the time to bring out all the
questions you can think of.

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