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Core writes,

> During the "conventional" period, where was AE based? 0083 kind of
> suggested it had a strong lunar leanage (I think... I am never sure about
> anything in 0083 :P

  I'd assume it was always a lunar company... after all, Zeonic never had
any Von Braun facilities.

> :P I have never even heard of Hervic until today.

  The kana would normally read something like "Harbick," but I'm pretty sure
I've seen it Romanized as "Hervic" in some MG or PG kit manual. I'll check
when I get home.

  While Hervic doesn't get as much play in the books, it's mentioned in
several MSV publications and gets a lot of coverage in the Gundam 0083 book
MS WARS. I expect it's also referenced in the MG kit manuals, too.

> You mentioned Hervic
> developed the Core Fighter, but not Project V. I've always assumed the
> the CF is integral to Project V?

  Definitely; in fact, the HG-UC Guntank kit manual indicates that the only
reason the RTX-44 fighting vehicle was developed into the Guntank was so
that they could start testing the core block and other components of the
Operation V mobile suits. But Hervic already had a track record of
developing high-performance fighters (e.g. the TIN Cod and Saberfish), so
they would be a natural choice to build this important component.

  Though the overall development of the Gundam, et al, was done by the
Federal Forces, they've always said that the Federation used lots of
civilian companies as parts suppliers. (The Gundam alone has at least a
half-dozen known contributors, including Bauva, Blash, Takim, Sam Sony
Gim...) So it's not like all the components were created "in house."

> It's rather surprising that the Feds allow a key company involved in
> Project V got brought out by a politically neutral company (assuming AE
> was neutral?) Maybe AE was a Fed-friendly company in 0079-0081 and then
> turned neutral started around 0083? (there's a John Grisham novel in
> there somewhere :)

  I'm sure we could find some real-world analogies. But after all, after the
end of the war, there weren't a lot of obvious threats on the horizon. And
the Titans did do their own R&D, including a bunch of sponsored newtype
labs, rather than relying on civilian contractors.

> I'd like to hear more about the chief engineers and scientists, what's
> their histroies and political leanings? Like that guy-whatshisname who
> did the magnetic coating, Flanagan etc.

  The magnetic coating technology was developed by Mosk Han, a Federal
Forces engineer (presumably stationed at Luna Two before he popped up at
Solomon). But I am curious about the background of October Saran, the
veteran AE engineer who pops up in Char's Counterattack...

> Thanks Mark! If you don't move quickly on Gundam Project, I am gonna just
> cut and paste a bunch of your posts and snap it on NA ;)

  Actually, I was casting about for some relatively easy feature idea, so I
may just go ahead and write all this stuff up while I'm in the mood... but
hey, if you want to do something in the meantime, be my guest. :-)

-- Mark

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