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<< Apparentally Toonami will be expanding it's schedule July 3rd to another
hour to accompany Tenchi Muyo(A very good OAV and Tv series, although the
second TV series is'nt that good). There is also a possibility, I think, that
during the premiere of this expansion, Endless Waltz will air, since when
Toonami debuted the Rising sun, they used it to show off their new DBZ
episodes. I think it's a very good possibility, although we'll have to wait
for any word of this.
   Also, did anyone see the Tenchi commercial and give a summary of it, or
even a movie file? >>
I saw the commercial looks good. They might also show the OAV, i thought I
saw some clips I recognized. Hope they show the three movies, I've seen the
first and third... (Unfortunatly, Ryoko's warcry of "You Bitch!" might be
edited. Oh well) I heard Tenchi In Tokyo wasn't that good.
Side note: In Japanese, Muyo means "No need For" That's also what it says on
the sides of the manga books. I've seen them, but haven't bought any.

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