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Mark Simmons wrote:
> Basically, Anaheim Electronics was a conventional manufacturing company up
> through the end of the One Year War. After the war, the company decided it

During the "conventional" period, where was AE based? 0083 kind of
suggested it had a strong lunar leanage (I think... I am never sure about
anything in 0083 :P

> experienced staff, plus Zeonic's factories), but the company also bought out
> Hervic, the company that developed the Federation's Core Fighter series
> (which included the TIN Cod and Saberfish).

:P I have never even heard of Hervic until today. You mentioned Hervic
developed the Core Fighter, but not Project V. I've always assumed the
the CF is integral to Project V?

It's rather surprising that the Feds allow a key company involved in
Project V got brought out by a politically neutral company (assuming AE
was neutral?) Maybe AE was a Fed-friendly company in 0079-0081 and then
turned neutral started around 0083? (there's a John Grisham novel in
there somewhere :)

I'd like to hear more about the chief engineers and scientists, what's
their histroies and political leanings? Like that guy-whatshisname who
did the magnetic coating, Flanagan etc. These people may be pawns in some
sense, but very often their outlooks and actions can steer history in
different directions. E.g. the theft of GP02 would not be possible if
there were a lot of Zeon symphasizers in AE.

Thanks Mark! If you don't move quickly on Gundam Project, I am gonna just
cut and paste a bunch of your posts and snap it on NA ;)

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