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Brett Jensen writes,

> OK, makes sense. I hope when the company's start sending DVDs for review,
> we'll start seeing some reviews of both versions.

  Yeah, quite possibly...

> I dissagree, I think that it was DVD that has killed VHS sub.

  Well, at the very least, DVD allowed the companies to ditch the
money-losing subtitled versions without pissing off all the hardcore fans.

> I think most of the cheapos who won't buy a
> domestic show because they have a fansub , wouldn't have bought it anyway.

  Maybe so, but it still cuts into the hardcore fan audience, and that's a
small enough audience anyway.

> BTW, I think that Animerica is improving. How much of the new emphesis on
> mecha is because of Gundam W, and how much is your influence? ^_^

  I have nothing to do with it - Julie's a huge mecha fan too. Though she's
been covering mecha stuff on and off for years (the annual Mecha Challenge
is, what, five years old now?), up until this year it's been pretty slim
pickings for domestic-release mecha shows. I guess there was Macross Plus,
Marcoss II, Giant Robo, Kishin Corps, and the AnimeVillage Gundam
releases... but now that we have Nadesico, Brain Powered, Gundam Wing, et al
it's a lot more topical. In other words, the recent influx of mecha shows
has allowed Julie to really let her mecha-fan side show. :-)

  (I should also note that Animerica's latched onto a couple of prolific
freelance mecha fans to help with all this coverage - Benjamin Wright, now
located in New York and freelancing like a madman, and newcomer Adam

-- Mark

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