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Core writes,

> Very interesting... Especially the "fading" of Zimmard after OYW. You
> guys have any comments on the founding of Anaheim Electronics? From what
> I heard, the Official Words have been sketchy on this point. Perhaps we
> can create a sensible backstory of AE that
> 1. explain the fading of both Zionic Co. and Zimmard after OYW.
> 2. explain the human and technical resources that AE acquired in a short
> time.
> 3. explain the political ambiguity of AE in 0083 and Zeta. (presumably
> the Feds/Titans set out to control AE but failed.)

  Actually pretty easy. Despite a couple of false leads (e.g. Entertainment
Bible 1's insistence that Anaheim developed the Zaku!), the history of the
company is pretty well documented.

  Basically, Anaheim Electronics was a conventional manufacturing company up
through the end of the One Year War. After the war, the company decided it
wanted to move into mobile suit production as well, and snapped up several
wartime manufacturers. Not only did AE absorb Zeonic (thus gaining
experienced staff, plus Zeonic's factories), but the company also bought out
Hervic, the company that developed the Federation's Core Fighter series
(which included the TIN Cod and Saberfish).

  Thus, by 0081, AE had merged and purchased its way into being the leading
MS and fighter developer. The Gundam Development Project was its big break,
a chance to strut its stuff and show what all those former Zeonic and Hervic
folks were capable of.

  Since many of AE's MS developers are Zeonic veterans, their work tends to
show a distinct Zeon influence. While the GP01 and GP03 are more in the
Federation vein (including a Hervic-brand core fighter), the GP02A and the
canceled GP04 were created by Zeon veterans, as was Z Gundam's Rick Dias and

  At some point I should put together a listing of these companies for the
Gundam Project, but in the meantime, Gundam Millenium has a handy list: see

-- Mark

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