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Mark Simmons wrote:

> In short, this stuff is a matter of judgement calls and compromises.
> Absolute statements simply don't apply.

OK, I'll buy that.

> > It's bad enough that the magazine you write for only reviews dubs. ^_^
> Julie notes that these days, the video companies only _send_ dubs for
> review; that's why even (generally) dub-hating publications like Tokyo Pop
> and Manga Max review almost no subtitled products. For that matter, fewer
> and fewer companies even _make_ subtitled VHS tapes anymore - DVD is the
> preferred venue for subtitles (after all, you can turn 'em off).

OK, makes sense. I hope when the company's start sending DVDs for review, we'll
start seeing some reviews of both versions.

> My soapbox moment: I don't think fansubbing hurts the market for domestic
> releases of anime. But it's sure as hell helped kill the subtitled market.

I dissagree, I think that it was DVD that has killed VHS sub. I only buy the DVD
version of domestic releases now, If there isn't one I get the import. I know
alot of people who feel the same way. I think most of the cheapos who won't buy a
domestic show because they have a fansub , wouldn't have bought it anyway.

BTW, I think that Animerica is improving. How much of the new emphesis on mecha
is because of Gundam W, and how much is your influence? ^_^

---Brett Jensen

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