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>> Well im hardly an expert on the gundam universe, but i was wondering, do you guys (insert girl if you wish) think that an older series, say Zeta Gundam, would have recieved as much attention as Gundam Wing is right now? Would it have been as popular as wing is, although wing is a more "viewer friendly" series (ie, newer, cooler looking mecha and so forth) <<

Errr...exqueeze me? cooler looking? ^_- as much as I like wing, I think Zeta is much cooler. The main thing holding Zeta back in the US is that you have to see
the original series or the movies to really understand what's going on. plus the ending is show dark compared to wing. (Kill em all Tomino at his best)

---Brett Jensen>>

Watching Zeta without having a good understanding of the original Gundam backstory would be like seeing THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK without having first seen STAR WARS.

Even though Zeta is by far my favorite, glossing over, or quickly reviewing the Gundam backstory would be the wrong thing to do. One has to know who Char, the character is (and to a lesser extent Amuro and Bright Noa) and the situation of the world of 0087, otherwise the story won't have the impact that is should.


P.S. and I agree with Brett, ZETA is MUCH cooler than Wing.

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