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Mon, 05 Jun 2000 01:18:32 -0700

Mark Simmons wrote:

> But a translated script is a derivative work, just like a fansub. So like
> a fansub, it's perfectly okay to create for your own use, but not
> necessarily okay to _distribute_ it.
> -- Mark

If that is true isn't the library of Congress the biggest media pirate in the
world. Laws like that are just not practical. It may be illeagal but hardly
unethical. most fansub distribution is probably unethical though. It's also
illeagal to tape stuff off of TV but EVERYBODY does it.

If it weren't for illeagal tape distribution, we would still be at the mercy of
the Sandy Franks and Carl maceks of the world! Here come the Robotron
defenders!!!!!!! It's bad enough that the magazine you write for only reviews
dubs. ^_^

---Brett Jensen

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