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Chris Beilby wrote:

> This is a long standing policy on the list. Fansubs fall under the category
> of video piracy, and most reputable distributors stop releasing and
> distributing titles as soon as they are licensed in the US.

Sure, and I think anyone who just wants a "free copy" of something avilable in
the US is a jackass. I also think Fansubbers who charge even a penny over the
cost of a tape are pirates, however Bandai won't make any firm statements
concerning Zeta and some of the other series/movies. If it takes 5 years for
Bandai to get around to releasing the good stuff it leaves most fans in the
lurch. Some of us can afford the Japanese box set but a lot can't.

What about something like Armor Hunter merowlink? the masters were destroyed so
it will never be reissued. do you think fansubbing that is (gasp) video piracy?

---Brett Jensen

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