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Chris Beilby wrote:

> Q: Where can I get fansubs of Gundam/Z Gundam/etc...
> A: Due to legal reasons, we try to discourage the discussion of Fansubs on
> the list. Fansubs are technically a form of video piracy.

I hate to open this can of worms but.... There is nothing illeagal about
subbing a show for your own use, off of your own LD, It's the distribution of
fansubs that's illeagal.

Therefore a topic like: "Where can I find Gundam scripts?" should not be

I own all of the gundam OAVs and GW on Japanese LDs/DVDs so I'm not planning on
buying them domestically. (Except wing TV DVDs which I just can't
resist....arrrgh.) so if I want info on how to get scripts I don't see the

---Brett Jensen

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