Paul Fields (
Mon, 5 Jun 2000 15:43:08 -0400

> Well im hardly an expert on the gundam universe, but i was wondering, do
> guys (insert girl if you wish) think that an older series, say Zeta
> would have recieved as much attention as Gundam Wing is right now?

Well Zeta sheds excess characters like old overcoats, and
it has many of the 'classic' fights, and Gundam images that
the series is known for however it CAN'T be the first series
since unlike Gundam wing it is located in an existing world.

In order to really ground people into the world they would
have to show MSG as a 30 minute montage, giving the OYW
history enough that people know who the Axis and Zeon
were and why the federation treatment of the colonies was
wrong... Otherwise its just a blood stained character wash...


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