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Mon, 05 Jun 2000 14:11:23 EST

> > > > Due to their illicit nature and recent laws that make the ISP liable
> > > > posted material, discussion of fansubs is strongly discouraged here.
> > >
> > >Is that jackboots I hear marching by outside my window...
> > >
> >
> > This is a long standing policy on the list. Fansubs fall under the
> > of video piracy, and most reputable distributors stop releasing and
> > distributing titles as soon as they are licensed in the US.

I'll buy them, but the US is too darn slow in getting in the videos so I
just get fansubs. (I can get the Japaense ones cause Im Japanese but then I
cant share with my English speaking friends)

besides, whats the big deal? noone is losing money here.
Zeta gundan isnt even out on video. The only damage being done is that the
TV may have a hard time displaying the color bleeding tape images (^_^)

The fans get the videso they cant get, the distributors get the satisfaction
adn a bit of profit, tape companies get more money, post office gets more
bussiness..........if they were more speedy, I would have bought the tapes
of 08th troop, but I now have a super LD quality fansub and I really dont
nee dthem anymore.

noones sueing them, good sign that noone really cares

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