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Mon, 5 Jun 2000 15:08:31 -0400

> > > Due to their illicit nature and recent laws that make the ISP liable
> > > posted material, discussion of fansubs is strongly discouraged here.
> >
> >Is that jackboots I hear marching by outside my window...
> >
> This is a long standing policy on the list. Fansubs fall under the
> of video piracy, and most reputable distributors stop releasing and
> distributing titles as soon as they are licensed in the US.

Call off the dogs man, I re-read it twice, and I think what the
guy meant was one of two things, one that the law was very
big brother... or hey they're already coming for me... I don't
think he was coming down on GMLers for being tight asses.
Fact is if we police ourselves, we never have to worry about
the rest of the world's problems.

And except for my 08th MS team tapes I've gotten rid of my
OYW tapes already... next spring I'll probably toss 08thMS.
(Do you hear that Bandai, put the stuff out there I'll buy it...)


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