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>So, if anyone wants to come up with a list of questions (and hopefully
>answers) they think should be covered in a FAQ, either post 'em to the
>list for peer review or send them to me and I'll start compiling them into
>a FAQ.
>So Gunpla'ers do your thing, history buffs help me out, and everyone who's
>interested lend a hand, and we should be able to help out the GMLers of
>the future.

Well, for questions:

Q: What is Gundam?
A: Gundam is an anime franchise of epic proportions. It began in 1979 with
the original 'Mobile Suit Gundam' TV series. Since then, it has grown to
include 8 TV series, 10 films, 4 OVA (Original Video Animation) series and
innumerable books, manga and merchandise of all descriptions. In size and
scope it easily rivals American franchises like Star Trek or Star Wars.

Q: What topics does this discussion list cover?
A: Anything related to Gundam. This includes (but certainly isn't limited
to) the all TV Series/movies/OVAs, manga, books, video games, models, toys,
fan fiction and just about anything else you can think of.

Q: I've got something to say about something other than Gundam. Can I post
it to this list?
A: This is a Gundam discussion list, posting stuff about anything other than
Gundam is discouraged. If you feel compelled post something that's at least
somewhat related to Gundam (other anime, other SF, etc.) please put (OT) at
the beginning of the subject line. Please do NOT start threads on real life
politics, religion, current events, etc. If a Gundam related threat morphs
into a politics/religion/current events thread, all participants will be
asked to take their discussion of f the list.

Q: I've seen Gundam Wing on Cartoon Network, but many of the things being
discussed on this list are confusing. What's going on?
A: While Gundam Wing has produced a tremendous fan response here in the
U.S., it is just a small part of the overall franchise. Seeing Gundam Wing
gives you about the same view of the Gundam universe as watching a few
episodes of Star Trek Voyager would give you of the overall Star Trek

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