Brett Jensen (
Sun, 04 Jun 2000 22:49:48 -0700

I'm sure that the game will be the new Gundam Wing battlemaster game
that was recently announced! Yeeeehaaaaw!

---Brett Jensen

Chris Maier wrote:

> Found this at www.animenation.comWhile some of it is old news, some of
> it is pretty interesting. On the Gundam front, the Cartoon Network is
> still debating whether to air Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz in one or
> three parts. Bandai is likewise still up in the air about what to do
> with a home-video release for Endless Waltz. There were 20,000 of the
> limited cards printed for the first volume of Gundam Wing, and the
> future volumes will not have them. It was reiterated that Gundam 08th
> MS Team will be released early next year. Bandai is also working out
> an action figure deal for the release of Gundam Wing. Five action
> figures will be released, redeemable with proofs of purchase from 3
> VHS tapes or two DVDS per figure. The details are still being worked
> out. They are also working on a US release of the Playstation Gundam
> Battlemasters game, although there's no word yet on whether this US
> release will be one of the two existing Japanese games or a new third
> game.

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