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>Most of the time, people on this list are saying 'they shoud come out with
>an MG [insert favorite MS here]'. While many of us on the list (myself
>included) are kind of MG snobs, this discussion got me thinking about what
>Bandai should be doing in 1/144.

That's a very good idea.

>For instance, 'Evolution of the Dom' set would go:
>Dom -> Dom Tropen -> Rick Dom -> Rick Dom II -> Dom Funf

you forget the Dreissen, I think.

>Each kit would include an evolutionary chart and some text explaining what
>the MS is and where it fits in the evolutionary tree. Bandai could come out
>with one set each year, in addition to all of it's normal stuff. This would
>give them a long term roadmap for future releases instead of coming out with
>HGUC stuff willy nilly like they do now.

personally, I would like to see the HGUC Bawoo, Dovenwolf, Dreissen,
R-Jarja...all those funky suits....

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