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At 23:46 06/03/2000 PDT, Robert Ludvig wrote:
>actually, I found that PAINTING the ball on the hand makes it tighter.
>Instead of painting around the ball joint, PAINT it. This will make it
>tighter. My MkII's joints are sooo tight because I did this now posability
>is a snap!

        The Mk. II never had any posing problems with the limb joints AFAIK.
The weapons are of course, another matter.

        Be careful when you do this though. You *can* make the joint so
tight that any unexpected motion can snap the plastic part of the joint;
MG's plastic tends not to suffer from this problem, but there's always the
chance. My Zaku II F/J's elbow joints have paper clips pinned into them
because they kept breaking.

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