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>Well I don't like the story, but I don't mind the GP01. Now that you
>(and others) mention it, I guess I did read some complaints about the 0083
>1/144 kits. Must be why I haven't got any of them yet, despite being a
>1/144 freak myself :)
>> I will probably buy the
>> HG GP-01, and I hope they release some of the 0083kits that never got
>> GunPla treatment like the GM custom!
>Hmm I'd like to put an order in for Dom Tropen, Guncannon II (was it the
>II? the one piloted by Keith anyway), Powerd GM and Xamel... Hmm a 1/144
>Xamel could cost 3500 Yens!
>You know thinking about kits selections (HGUC) and non-selections (0083
>1/144), it's doublepluspuzzling about HGUC GP01. My guess would have
>been Powerd GM as the first HGUC 0083 kit. Or maybe a Pink Zaku :)

My running bet is that they will complete the hero kits and the meorable
enemy kits first, then go on to MA's and unusual looking kits.

I will just laugh if they make 1/144 Psyco.

I am NOT a starving writer.

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