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Echo|Fox wrote:
> is anyone interested in putting together a FAQ with all of this in it?

This question is itself a FAQ. The answer is yes, many are interested,
and no, no one has started anything. Gundam is just too huge, a full FAQ
would be well over 1MB of text. I started throwing together a sort of
meta-FAQ (i.e. many answers are in the form of a URL to various webpages).
But that's been dormant for a couple months now...

Let's see... Here are the questions:

Q What are the shows?

Q What are Mobile Suits (MS)?

Q What is Minovsky physics?

Q What is Minovsky craft?

Q What is "kai"? How should it be translated?

Q Who are the Black Trinity, Black Trinary or Black Tri-Star?

Q What are Side 3, Side 7 etc?

Q What are Colonies?

Q What is UNT Spacy?

Q What is EFSF?

Q What is Newtype?

Q Who is Tomino?

Q Who is Hajime Yadate? Why is he always on the credits?

Please add more questions and/or answers, but don't pile up those ">"s!.
Oh there's already a Wing FAQ, see NA for the URL.

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