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>Isn't there's a MG GM Custom? A HGUC Zaku II F2, Gelgoog Marine or a Dom
>Tropen would be much better choices.
>Then again, any of the Dom variations really deserves a HGUC release. There
>hasn't been any decent 1/144 Dom models other than the Rick Dom II.

Most of the time, people on this list are saying 'they shoud come out with
an MG [insert favorite MS here]'. While many of us on the list (myself
included) are kind of MG snobs, this discussion got me thinking about what
Bandai should be doing in 1/144.

I think I've come up with a pretty good idea: Bandai should come out with a
'Evolution' series. Each set would trace the development of a single type
of mobile suit in the 0079-0083 time frame. These would be HGUC grade

For instance, 'Evolution of the Dom' set would go:
Dom -> Dom Tropen -> Rick Dom -> Rick Dom II -> Dom Funf

Each kit would include an evolutionary chart and some text explaining what
the MS is and where it fits in the evolutionary tree. Bandai could come out
with one set each year, in addition to all of it's normal stuff. This would
give them a long term roadmap for future releases instead of coming out with
HGUC stuff willy nilly like they do now.

Other possibilities:
Both the order and what are included are just off the top of my head.
Obviously many of these series would have different evolutionary branches.

Evolution of the Zaku
MS-04 Prototype Zaku -> MS-05 Zaku I -> MS-06F Zaku II -> MS-06J Zaku II ->
MS-06FZ Zaku II -> MS-06R1 -> MS-06R2

Evolution of the Gouf
Prototype Gouf -> Gouf -> Gouf Custom -> Gouf Flight Type

Evolution of the Gelgoog
Prototype Gelgoog -> Gelgoog -> Gelgoog Cannon -> Gelgoog Marine

Evolution of the Gundam
RX-78-2 -> RX-78-3 -> RX-79[G] Ground -> RX-78NT-1 Alex

Evolution of the GP
GP-01 -> GP-01fb -> GP-02 -> GP-03S -> GP-04 -> Garbera Tetra

Evolution of the GM
RGM-79 GM -> GM Ground -> GM Command -> GM Sniper II -> Powered GM -> GM
Custom -> GM Quell

Evolution of the Guncannon
Guncanon -> Mass Prod. Guncannon -> GM Cannon -> RGM-83 Guncannon

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> than do nothing with it at all

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