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> A FAQ sounds like a good idea. I think it probably ought to focus on list
> specific issues, with only a basic description of the Gundam universe for
> total newbies (UC vs AC, etc). Include links to some of the Gundam websites
> for more involved stuff.
Exactly what I was thinking. anything that can't be answered in a few
lines should be referred to gundamproject, etc.
Going into the various types of gundam models and toys would also be
beneficial, ie what's HG/MG/PG mean, what are the
banpresteo/gashapan(sp?)/chogokin/HCM lines, along with links to painting
info and such.

> I really don't like the idea of posting it to the list. Mabye it could be
> arranged to automatically send it to anyone who subscribes along with the
> "welcome to the list" message?
True enough, we shall have to talk to the guy who's running the list and
see if that can be arranged.

So, if anyone wants to come up with a list of questions (and hopefully
answers) they think should be covered in a FAQ, either post 'em to the
list for peer review or send them to me and I'll start compiling them into
a FAQ.
So Gunpla'ers do your thing, history buffs help me out, and everyone who's
interested lend a hand, and we should be able to help out the GMLers of
the future.

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