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>Since I joined the GML, I've seen some common questions asked over and
>over: where can I buy models, I watched Gundam Wing on the cartoon network
>and want to know about the rest of the universe, where do I go for Gundam
>info, what should/shouldn't I talk about on the GML, etc.
>Plus, I'm sure there are lurkers on the list who are afraid they'll
>ask a dumb question so they don't post. That being said,
>is anyone interested in putting together a FAQ with all of this in it? We
>could then have it next to the signup link at and have it
>posted (weekly?) to the list for all of the new fans (greetings to you
>Let me know what you think.

A FAQ sounds like a good idea. I think it probably ought to focus on list
specific issues, with only a basic description of the Gundam universe for
total newbies (UC vs AC, etc). Include links to some of the Gundam websites
for more involved stuff.

I really don't like the idea of posting it to the list. Mabye it could be
arranged to automatically send it to anyone who subscribes along with the
"welcome to the list" message?

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