Mon, 5 Jun 2000 10:56:30 -0400 (EDT)

Brett Jensen wrote:
> Since you don't like 0083, mabey you don't know this:^_^ The 0083
> 1/144s suck compared to the awesome 0080 kits!

Well I don't like the story, but I don't mind the GP01. Now that you
(and others) mention it, I guess I did read some complaints about the 0083
1/144 kits. Must be why I haven't got any of them yet, despite being a
1/144 freak myself :)

> I will probably buy the
> HG GP-01, and I hope they release some of the 0083kits that never got
> GunPla treatment like the GM custom!

Hmm I'd like to put an order in for Dom Tropen, Guncannon II (was it the
II? the one piloted by Keith anyway), Powerd GM and Xamel... Hmm a 1/144
Xamel could cost 3500 Yens!

You know thinking about kits selections (HGUC) and non-selections (0083
1/144), it's doublepluspuzzling about HGUC GP01. My guess would have
been Powerd GM as the first HGUC 0083 kit. Or maybe a Pink Zaku :)

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