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<< I heard indirectly via someone who knows Bandai's U.S. reps, at least one
of them claimed that the Wing kits are not selling well at Toys R Us, and
there have been massive returns because "Americans don't know how to put
model kits together". This has influenced Bandai to not sell Wing kits
anymore (or TRU not stocking more Wing kits).

It sounds like B.S. to me - Wing kits are almost always out of stock around
here, and they are not exactly unwanted items on eBay even though too many
sellers are offering them. Any of you outside of Southern California but
with a "test market" Toys R Us have witnessed "mass return" of Wing kits?
If this were true, it does not explain why Bandai of America jacked up the
price on 1/144 scale kits, but might explain why they're releasing the action
figures at almost the same price level.


All I know is that they are SOLD OUT at every Toys R Us store in my area (Suburbs north of Chicago, IL). Not unsold and therefore not restocked, SOLD OUT. What about other areas?


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