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Blackeagle wrote:
> >stoopid kwistchin #2. what's mekton z got to do with
> >gundam, if anything?
> Well, according to Core's Gundam Wargames page over at the Newtype Asulum, the Gundam RPG uses the Mekton Zeta system

  The NEW Gundam RPG (Gundam Battle Report - One Year War complete
battle report/history [trans.?]- published by Aspect) actually IS Mekton
Z. The only difference is that the system has been converted to 2d6
instead of 1d10 like regular Mekton (and is in Japanese, of course).
  The previous Gundam RPG (from a different publisher) had a different
and more simplified gaming system, but the only part I really liked
about the previous system was the way they did damage for weapons.

        Trevor in Irvine

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